Friday, April 26, 2013

Art & Corgs Artist Feature: An interview with Amanda Beard

Tell us three unusual or interesting facts about yourself.
I have an extensive collection of black-and-white-striped things. I can jump rope backwards, but not forwards. When I was 13 years old, I had a parakeet named Hiccup.

How did you get started as an artist?
I’ve been into drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but by junior year of high school I was pretty much set on the idea of going to college for Illustration. I just recently graduated from RISD last June. Now I’m in the process of moving into freelance work!

What kind of work do you create? Can you briefly describe your mediums and process?
My work is vibrant, endearing, and meticulously considered and executed. I scan and mesh together several layers of graphite sketches in Photoshop, trace the final rendering onto canvas, and begin painting. My color decisions tend to develop gradually as I mix and place each one. I work mostly with acrylic but sometimes do projects digitally.

Why Corgis? Tell us about your relationship with them.
My boyfriend and I discovered Corgis sometime in college, and since then, I’ve been obsessed. They’re ridiculously charming. We just adopted our first — a tricolor female Pembroke named Pica! She’s 3 and a half months old, and already spoiled rotten.

What else inspires you?
Everything! Music, fashion, especially other art. I follow a handful of my favorite illustrators and designers on different social media platforms. I also really enjoy gallery and museum hopping.

What’s your next big project? Do you have any aspirations for the future?
I’m currently working on a collaborative piece with my former classmate and good friend Chris Cyr - keep your eyes peeled! There are so many processes and applications that I’d like to continue exploring: hand-lettering, surface design, linocut, the list goes on. My biggest goal right now is to get my work published as soon as possible!

Is your work for sale? Where can we find more of your work online?
Yes! I have lots of my paper goods on Etsy: I’m also available for commissions, so give me a shout!

More of my work can be found through my website,, and my blog, You may also occasionally be able to catch me at RISD Alumni Sales in Providence, or other art sales held around Massachusetts.


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